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Daniel Joseph

Daniel Joseph


Daniel R. Joseph is an author and consultant who helps companies do business internationally and who is passionate about educating people as to how countries really develop and the crucial role played by culture.

Dan has a broad business background that has encompassed banking, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and general management.  Currently founder of consulting firm The China Learning Curve, Dan has previously worked for PNC Financial Services Group, Axcess Manufacturing, Kennametal, Inc., and Westinghouse Corp.

Dan lived in China for more than 10 years and has been doing business in China for more than 20 years.  He spent much of his time in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier cities and speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese.

Dan is the author of two books about China: Wen and the Art of Doing Business in China, a book about the 3 years Dan spent managing a joint venture as the only foreigner in a town of 500,000 Chinese; and The China Learning Curve: Critical Differences, which explains how differences in China’s economic structure and culture impact business, growth, and democratization.

Michael Anton

Michael Anton


In 2006, at 21 years of age High Times Magazine called Michael Anton and his cast, the 21st century answer to Monty Python after his directorial debut on the micro budget star studded comedy Potheads. In 2014, Michael wrote and directed the international drama/thriller Bad Trip starring Michael Monsour, Branko Tomovic, Katrine Voltaire and David Hugo and in 2015 Michael directed the independent comedy The Great American Movie Hustle. Recently, he completed a documentary entitled Democracy Road, a film focusing on the effects of culture in countries that have democracy and those who do not.

Next Project

Democracy Road II (The Long Doc)

We made Democracy Road in order to ask the question “Why are we having so much trouble spreading democracy?”  We wanted to do something short that could raise the issue of culture and capture people’s attention.  We hope to use the short documentary as a base for building support for a longer documentary that will address the same issue but in more detail.  Culture is actually a fascinating topic that deals with how people think and behave.  By digging into this issue more deeply we are confident we can make a film that is even more engaging, entertaining, and effective in addressing this critical issue.  Stay tuned for more from the Democracy Road team!